Filming weddings affords an opportunity to creatively capture an emotionally intense, once-in-a-lifetime day for two people. Couples always tell me that they couldn’t remember much of their wedding day, that it was all a blur and that they are so grateful to have so many moments preserved forever.

I approach each wedding day with great respect for the importance of the moment for the bride, groom, and their families. To that end, I have adopted a relaxed, friendly approach to capturing the best moments from your wedding day.

I use the latest and greatest HD cameras along with professional microphones to capture your wedding day. Not only are the images stunning, but the small size of the camera allows dynamic camera movements that are just not practical with the older, larger cameras.

Wedding films should be intense, exciting, romantic, fun, and brimming with action and elation. My mission is to deliver that kind of wedding film.

Kirby by Fariello

 Photo By:Jen Fariello